Recruitment Solutions

What is the 90 Day Accelerator?

The 90 Day Accelerator programme is a bespoke and independent one to one coaching plan designed to support new hires. Our programme facilitates faster results and integration in the first three months of a new role. The programme brings forward the value identified during the interview process, enhancing the onboarding experience.


Accelerated integration into the organisation and the new role.


Enhanced focus and clarity of what needs to be delivered.


Individual support allowing quick progress from concepts to execution.


Independence allows for broader stakeholder discussion.

What value will it create for the client and candidate?

Our TBC recruiting specialists will support you throughout the hiring process, and they’ll design you a bespoke one-to-one coaching plan too. This process ensures that new senior hires settle into their new role seamlessly, and deliver impressive results in the first 3 months.

Attracting The Right Crowd

Employers are increasingly aware of the need to attract the right candidates. Employees define culture, and that culture has a tangible link to the performance of any business. So offering something that underpins how they value an employee from day one, is a compelling point of differentiation.

Today’s talent is looking for more than just a competitive salary. Individuals are looking for something that reflects the values and culture of an organisation. They want to see evidence that an employer will invest in its people. The 90-day accelerator addresses these two needs. It enhances an organisation’s existing onboarding process by offering an independent coaching programme – accelerating the integration, providing an additional line of communication, and objective support and challenge.

First-line Management

The transition from peer into a first-line management role is always one of the most challenging. The move from individual contributor to team leader has numerous challenges, aside from just delivery. The 90 Day Accelerator coach will fast track learnings and the application of that knowledge, enabling a successful and positive start to team management.

Senior Management

Technical expertise is a given; success links to a much softer yet so critical skill set. The ability to create, empower and lead a winning team doesn’t just happen. The 90 Day Accelerator coach will work with the new appointment to appraise the situation, set out a clear and compelling vision, and build the human capacity to deliver against that plan.

The Founder Programme

Deciding to appoint someone else to take your business to the next level is a pivotal moment. This move is a critical phase in the business’s life. It’s not just about finding the right candidate with the skills to deliver. It’s of equal importance for the founder to get real clarity on the scope of the new role, how they will feel about the shift, and how they wish to work together. It’s not a given that it will all work seamlessly. 

If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got

- Albert Einstein