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Recruitment Solutions

Streamlined software for recruiters

Knowing what makes a person right for one company or another is where our competitive advantage lies. Referring quality candidates that fit the bill is what distinguishes TBC from the competition.

Our software is a talent assessment platform that allows you as an employer to gain the insight you need on your candidate pool so that you can make the right decisions every time.

Perfect for volume hiring

It doesn’t matter if you have sourced 10 or 1,000 candidates for a position – our software makes it equally easy to find the right one by empowering you to:

• Assess candidate suitability without having to go through resumes
• Engage candidates with a 20-minute interactive assessment
• Shortlist candidates based on fit for the role
• Uncover hidden talent
• Reduce time to hire

What it offers

Objectively define job requirements

You no longer need to guess which assessment makes sense and what results you are looking for. Our software comes with a database of job profiles for hundreds of roles – based on proven Organization Psychology theories and not simply on intuition.

Blindly screen


Unconscious bias begins with resume screening. Stop trying to read between resume lines to find the right fit and assess candidates objectively on required skills and traits.

Shortlist based

on fit

Our software ranks candidates based on how well they performed in the objective assessment and how well they fit the requirements of the role – with absolutely no impact from their ethnicity, gender, name, education, age, personal interests or any other factor.

Perform objective, standardized interviews

Traditional, unstructured, interviews have been proven to be biased and ineffective. Our software's detailed reports and interview guides help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate allowing for structured interviews along the hiring stages.

The science


= The Solution

Matches job attributes with the ideal candidate profile facilitating the screening stage and securing Diversity & Inclusion processes.

Personality Profile (based on 16 PF)

Objectively assesses behavioural patterns and offers reliable insights into a candidate’s job suitability, potential, and cultural fit

Cognitive ability

Accurately predicts job performance by measuring logic, problem-solving, verbal reasoning, attention to detail, and adaptability.

Innovation is the change that unlocks new value

- Jamie Notter