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The TBC Stamp

Innovation and development are integral to the foundations upon which TBC was formed.

We want to be involved in not just the placement but the journey and formulate lasting partnerships, which can be built upon to ensuring that we continue adding value to the business and growing the relationship with each other as people.

TBC stands for “To Be Continued” and being involved in the next chapter.

We are here to support and develop the client and candidate relationship and to assist with the growth of a flourishing partnership for all involved.

Grow your team smartly and invest in each other.

Innovation In Recruitment

Excellence in Logistics, Supply Chain and Automotive

We Matchmake

Using Scientifically proven assessment/screening and selection methods, we identify and really focus on what is essential for the growth of the candidate and the broader requirements of the business organisation.

We understand the future of any business is dependent on the quality of its people and their drive to succeed, which is why we are invested and committed to finding the optimum fit for all parties.

Join The Team

Landing your dream role is exciting but this is just the start of an amazing journey, its now time to grow and develop.

TBC will assist and contribute towards the development of every successfully placed candidate.

Senior Hire

We know that every appointment is crucial to the progression of any business, none more so than at strategic and stakeholder level.

That’s why TBC invest in supporting new senior and executive appointments with a 90 Day Accelerator, which is a bespoke and independent one-to-one coaching plan designed to support new senior hires delivering results faster in the first 3 months of their new role to maximise the opportunity of a successful and flourishing appointment.

Matching People & Passions

We're here to support the development of every candidate that wants to progress in business. So whether you’re ready to change career, climb the ladder in your current sector, or chase that dream role, get in touch and we’ll help you achieve your goals. Qualifications matter, but the right people matter more. 

There’s a way to do it better – Find it

- Thomas Edison


Accelerated integration into the organisation and the new role.


Enhanced focus and clarity of what needs to be delivered.


Individual support allowing quick progress from concepts to execution.


Independence allows for broader stakeholder discussion.

The value we create for our clients and candidates

Our TBC recruiting specialists will support you throughout the hiring process, and they’ll design you a bespoke one-to-one coaching plan too. This process ensures that new senior hires settle into their new role seamlessly, and deliver impressive results in the first 3 months.

How We Are Different

By eliminating the guess work and bias in recruiting and allowing science to compliment and confirm your intuition using scientifically proven selection and screening methods.

Recruitment is an industry that needs to be given a new lease of life and a new found commitment for excellence on all fronts.
Instilling the confidence back into clients and candidates is our key focus, practicing what you preach is not just for short term gains, consistency in excellence for both candidates and clients is our paramount focus.

Recruitment should not be about turnover and quantity, of course these elements are important to any business for growth and development, however, the key element for our business is our passion for people, our passion to develop and grow individuals and the business they work for.

We commit to our clients and our candidates throughout the recruitment process and beyond, we invest not only our time and effort to finding the best fit for any role, we also invest financially towards EVERY candidate that is successful in gaining employment and actively assist in the growth and development of candidate and client alike.

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